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Terms expire December 31st of the year listed, and board appointments are made the second Tuesday of January unless otherwise stated.
Emergency Telephone Service Authority Board (4-Year Term)  

East Cheyenne Recreation Board   (Expires 2024, 4-Year Term)

Marla Hadachek
Kevin Gerstner
Brooke Campbell
Scott Scheimer
East Cheyenne Library (5-Year Term)
Rhonda Brown (Expires 2026)
Sherrie Nestor (Expires 2022)
Molly Beek (Expires 2023)
Mary Weed (Expires 2024)
Richard Shank (Expires 2025)
Archery & Sport's Shooting Range Board (Annual Term January 1st-December 31st)
Todd Marriott - Chairman
Jared Lamb
Zac Bakley
Rick Pelton
Robert Woodward



Mark Galli (Expires 2023)  
BJ Mayhan (Expires 2023)  
Cathileen Beek (Expires 2023)  
Eric Palmer (Expires 2024)  
Gerald Keefe (Expires 2022)  
Tumbleweed Fair Board (6-9 Members, Annual Term September 1st-August 31st)  
James Lengel- Fair Manager  
Kara Uhland  
Angie Weed  
Richard Gekeler  
Brittney Hill  
Deni Eiring  
Misty Dickey  

Kit Carson Cemetery District

(6-Year Term)  
Scott Oswald (Expires 2026)  
Logan Mitchek (Expires 2022)  
Charles Oswald (Expires 2024)  
Ronald White (Expires 2026)  
Curt Connelley (Expires 2022)  
Fairview Cemetery District  
(6-Year Term)  
Sherrie Nestor (Expires 2024)  
Clark Schreiber (Expires 2024)  
Monica Wendt (Expires 2024)  

Mark Galli (Expires 2022)

Gaila Mitchek (Expires 2027)  
Arapahoe Cemetery District  
(6-Year Term)  
Donna Mitchell (Expires 2022)  
Cliff Roberts (Expires 2022)  
Barry Gerstner (Expires 2026)  
Planning & Zoning Board (5-year term)  
James Lengel (Expires 2026)  
Douglas Tallman (Expires 2026)  
Rex Waugh (Expires 2022)  
Devin Dickey (Expires 2023)  
David Larsen (Expires 2024)  
Phil Knudsen (Expires 2025)  

Alternates:  RJ Jolly and Darin Dickey


Additional Board Appointments
  • East Central Council of Local Governments (ECCOG) (Annual Term)
  Ron Smith
  • County Health Pool (CHP), County Workman's Compensatin Pool (CWCP), Casulty and Property Pool (CAPP) (Annual Term)

RJ Jolly and Marcy Brossman

  • Prairie Development Corporation (PDC) (2-Year Term)
  Jerry Allen and Marilyn Ward (Expires 2022)
  • Colorado East Community Action Agency (CECAA) (Annual Term)

Darin Dickey

  • Eastern Colorado Services for Developmentally Disabled (Annual Term)
  Ron Smith
  • Centennial Mental Health (Annual Term)
  Ron Smith
  • Southeast & East Central Recycling Board (Annual Term)
  RJ Jolly
  • Regional Emergency Trauma Advisory Council (RETAC) (Annual Term)
  RJ Jolly and Scott Nyman
  • Colo. Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Local Govt. Designee (Annual Term)
  Darin Dickey & Lacey Welsh
(Updated 11/23/2022)
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